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Gym Mate

Our products are all designed to curb the appetite and boost the metabolism (the rate your body burns calories)

It is when we reduce our calorie intake that the metabolism slows down and so will weight loss, you can combat this by taking GymMate.

You will have increased energy levels, so you will naturally burn more calories (even while you sleep).

Your cravings for foods will reduce, helping you to make healthy choices.

Your metabolism will increase so any calories you eat will be used up efficiently and your body will start to use stored fat as an energy source.

You will be thirsty, so you will prefer fresh foods to stodgy or fatty foods and you’ll have a natural reminder to drink the recommend 8-10 glasses of water per day. (Increasing your water intake alone will help you to lose weight).

GymMate contains natural diuretics, so it helps with water retention and bloating.


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Bottle of 30 tablets

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Bottle of 60 tablets

£30.00 Plus £2.50 Postage & Packaging



3 Bottles of 60(180 Tablets)

£90 Including FREE Postage & Packaging



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